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The Colorado Springs area is a community that lacks a natural water source, so as I’m sure you can imagine, maintaining a landscape that requires high amounts of water to thrive is near enough impossible.

Luckily for Colorado Springs residents, xeriscape landscaping is a sustainable landscaping option that requires minimal precious natural resources.

It also looks modern, clean, and elegant, so it really is a win-win!

What Is Colorado Springs Xeriscape?

colorado springs xeriscape

Xeriscape, not be confused with Colorado Springs hardscaping, is a form of landscaping that minimizes, or eliminates, the need for irrigation.

Favored in dry regions with a semi-arid climate, xeriscaping cuts back on the amount of water residents use on their lawns and gardens.

By combining drought-resistant plants, native plants, river rock, and gravel, xeriscaping can reduce your water usage and water bills while also providing you with a beautiful, low-maintenance front and back yard. 

The Benefits Of Colorado Xeriscaping

Xeriscape Colorado Springs has a ton of environmental benefits that encourage Colorado residents to make the switch.

Below are some of the reasons why we recommend some form of xeriscape design on your property.

It Is Aesthetically Pleasing

We all want our outdoor space to look nice, and with xeriscaping, there are an endless amount of designs and configurations that can boost your curbside appeal.

Although people typically opt for front yard xeriscaping, you can also use xeriscaping in your backyard or in areas that run down the side of your home.

It Is Low Maintenance

As xeriscaping gets rid of the need for grass, you can cut down on, or eliminate, mowing and edging.

The only maintenance your xeriscaping will need is the occasional trim and water from time to time. 

It Conserves Water

Quite possibly, the biggest benefit to xeriscaping is that it uses significantly less water than other forms of landscaping.

A limited water source is a major problem for Colorado Springs, so doing your bit to reduce your impact and conserve water is a crucial step that all residents should take.

You Can Save Money With Xeriscape Landscaping

With the reduced amount of water you’re using will come a reduction in your water bill; and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want cheaper utilities?

Xeriscaping also reduces the need for expensive fertilizers, pesticides, and yard maintenance equipment.

It Preserves Native Plants

Colorado Springs xeriscape is also a fantastic way to preserve native plant species.

Often people favor indigenous plants in their yard, but these plants don’t adapt well to the Colorado environment.

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Therefore, by installing native plants you can ensure they thrive all year round.

You Won’t Need Fertilizer Or Pesticides

Fertilizers and pesticides can be extremely damaging to bee and insect populations.

With xeriscaping, however, native plants can establish themselves with very small amounts of fertilizer, if any.

So you can remain environmentally friendly while saying goodbye to yet another yard maintenance task, and expense. 

Our Xeriscape Colorado Springs Installation Process

Colorado xeriscaping is a fairly straightforward process that our team at Vanta Outdoors’ can help you with.

Below is our landscaper xeriscape process that will ensure you have the beautiful, low-maintenance yard of your dreams.

  • Step 1: Before beginning the designing process, our team will evaluate your yard, taking into consideration the size, its elevation, how much sun it receives, the yard’s different zones, and its soil type. 
  • Step 2: After getting a rough idea of your design and style preferences, we’ll then get to work sourcing drought-tolerant plants that will complement the space.
  • Step 3: If your xeriscape area requires it, we can add an underground irrigation system.
  • Step 4: And finally, the fun part! We’ll create your xeriscape area by combining hardscaping, mulch, river rock (or other material), and of course, native plants to suit the vision you have for your outdoor space.

Types Of Plants For A Colorado Springs Xeriscape

Xeriscape always works best when you use native plants that are already well-adapted to the soil, climate, and water conditions in the area.

For those living in Colorado Springs, here are some fantastic plant options that will thrive with little to no maintenance:

  • Native Grasses: Indian Rice Frass, Little Bluestem, and Grama grass.
  • Native Flowers: Sunflowers, Penstemon, Clovers, Sage, Primrose, and Goldenrod.
  • Native Shrubs: Rabbitbrush, Wild Rose, Fernbush, Snowberry, and Currant.
  • Native Trees: Rocky Mountain Juniper, Rocky Mountain Maple, Rocky Mountain Pine, Gambel Oak, Pinyon Pine. 

Of course, there are plenty of other grass, flower, shrub, and tree options we can incorporate into your outdoor space, but we can discuss those during our evaluation when we have an idea of your specific style preferences.

Our Team Of Colorado Springs Xeriscape Landscapers

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Elevate your back or front yard today with xeriscape design, and watch your water usage and yard maintenance time dwindle down to nothing.

Our landscape company in Colorado Springs can help you with the entire xeriscape design and installation process to give you a functional, aesthetic, environmentally friendly yard that ticks all of your boxe

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