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Come the winter season, the streets, homes, and yards of Colorado Springs can become blanketed with a layer of snow.

And although snow is beautiful to look at, it can quickly become a nuisance and an extreme safety hazard.

In order to keep Colorado Springs residents safe and their outdoor areas functional, our team at Vanta Outdoors offers snow removal Colorado Springs services to keep your home accessible, safe, and looking its best. 

What We Offer With Our Colorado Springs Snow Removal Service

Vanta Outdoors’ snow removal services offer a convenient and quick way to remove snow from your property.

As Colorado Springs residents ourselves, we know how difficult and time-consuming plowing snow can be, which is why we want to do the hard work for you.

For people who don’t have the time to plow snow, are physically unable, or lack the correct tools to do so, our residential snow removal Colorado Springs service can have your driveway and pathways back up and running.

Here are our four different Colorado Springs snow removal services:

  • Driveway Snow Plowing: Driveway snow plowing is one of the most popular Colorado Springs snow removal services, as built-up snow on your driveway prevents you from moving your car. With jobs to go to, errands to run, and emergency situations that you may need your car for, having a driveway free from snow is essential. 
  • Sidewalk Shoveling: Sidewalk shoveling is also a common snow plowing service, as snow or ice-covered walkways can be a safety hazard for your family members, delivery drivers, and other individuals in your community. Vanta Outdoors can shovel snow from the paths leading up to your house and your sidewalk area, creating a safe, clear space for everyone to walk on.
  • Snow Hauling: At Vanta Outdoors, we don’t have to just pile snow on your property, leaving you with a huge mound in front of your home. Instead, we haul the snow away, leaving your property completely snow free.
  • Ice Management Through Ice Melt Applications: Anyone whos ever stepped on ice will know just how dangerous it can be. Once we’ve plowed the snow from your property, our team will then apply ice melt applications to manage and prevent ice on your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks.

The Benefits Of Residential Snow Removal Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs sees moderate snow from the end of November.

However, the area’s heaviest snow occurs between March and May, with March being the snowiest.

Many property owners decide to take on the snow removal process themselves, and although it is possible to tackle light snow with a broom or shovel, the same can’t be said for heavy snowfall.

Here are some of the major benefits that come with hiring a snow removal service:

Provides You With Safe And Easy Access To Your Property

Heavy snowfall can result in large amounts of snow piling up, blocking your driveway and pathways.

By hiring a snow removal service, you can ensure that your walkways and your driveway are free from snow build up, allowing you to access your home without any issues.

Reduces The Chance Of Injury

Colorado Springs snow removal services eliminate the safety hazard that comes with snow and ice covered walkways.

We are all well aware that slipping on ice can cause serious damage, so it is important to clear trafficked areas to keep everyone in your household safe.

Saves You Time

Clearing snow takes time and a lot of manual labor.

So people who are unable to plow the snow themselves – whether that be due to busy schedules, disabilities, or old age – can save time and energy by leaving the hard work up to snow removal companies Colorado Springs.

Prevents Property Damage

Snow removal seems like a fairly straightforward task, but doing it incorrectly can actually cause damage to your pavement, walls, and water features in Colorado Springs.

Investing in a snow removal company – like Vanta Outdoors – who has the equipment and training to remove snow safely can prevent potential property damage.

Maintains Curb Appeal

Landscape maintenance as a whole improves and maintains curb appeal, and snow removal is no exception.

By keeping your driveway, pathways, and sidewalks free from snow, you let potential buyers know that your neighborhood is well maintained – even in the winter.

If you’re the type of homeowner that is passionate about your curb appeal, be sure to check out our Colorado Springs Christmas light installation services.

How To Choose Between Snow Removal Companies Colorado Springs

When choosing between snow removal companies in Colorado Springs you’ll want to look into pricing estimates, the company’s references, their availability, equipment, and whether or not they have liability insurance. 

Our team at Vanta Outdoors is now servicing the Colorado Springs area, so if you want to be prepared before winter even sets in, feel free to contact us for more information.

We also specialize in other forms of landscape maintenance in the event you want to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best.

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