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Experience the essence of opulence with Vanta Outdoors, where landscapes redefine luxury living.
About Us

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Our company believes that with a little bit extra focus, experience and passion poured into each project, we can help each customer attain just a little bit of heaven in their own backyard. The relentless effort we put into each project matched by our extensive understanding of landscape design and architecture creates an unbeatable combination that our clients are happy to have in their corner.

Whether you’re talking about building a beautiful water feature with a serene waterfall, or a retaining wall that brings as much beauty to your yard as it does functionality; our design team has the years of experience required to deliver on all landscape related projects. Giving you a little slice of heaven in your own backyard is just what we do!

From our leadership team, to our landscape architect, to our irrigation specialist – collaboration and customer satisfaction is woven into the fabric of Vanta Outdoors company culture. That means a project done to your standard is a must, not a hope.

Vanta Outdoors has been in operation for almost 10 years now and in that time we’ve built up an unmatched passion and expertise for residential landscaping services. A little bit of art in your own yard, from us to you is what we’re all about. We live for fulfilling the vision you have, and would love to collaborate with you to achieve that vision!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you that little slice of heaven on your own property!

Meet The Team

Devun O’Hara

After uncovering a love for sales (by selling 12 packs of soda to kids at school) during my middle school years, and then starting a subscription-based snow removal service afterward; I stumbled upon my true passion when I turned 18. That’s when the idea of Vanta Outdoors came to mind with my longtime friend Jacob, which kickstarted my journey into entrepreneurship full-time.

My favorite things to do outside are camping, snowboarding and enjoying some concerts (especially at Red Rocks Amphitheatre).
I love when we get the opportunity to design a landscape for a new build. Nothing better than being able to transform a blank canvas.
Other than work I really enjoy studying investment opportunities (real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency) and music production / DJing.
Jacob Vanta
Devun Vanta

Jacob Hermansen

I’ve been a Colorado Springs resident for most of my life now, 21+ years at this point. I have to credit a lot of what’s been built here at Vanta Outdoors to my longtime friendship and partnership with Devun, as well as our longtime passion for entrepreneurship through work in the outdoors. A lot of this goes back to when we were doing small snow removal jobs while still in school. After I graduated I decided to do this business full-time and it became what it is.

As I’ve gotten older my love for snowboarding and camping has really grown. There are too many to list honestly. I love being outside.
Retaining wall builds. There’s something about designing something that needs to be practical, but elegant and luxurious as well.
Snowboarding and camping!

Joshua Osborne

I was originally born in Oregon before moving to Colorado Springs over a decade ago. It’s been home ever since. I’ve been owner or co-owner of many businesses in the city over the years which allows me to exercise one of my biggest passions in life: helping other people. What we’ve done at Vanta allows me to help people enjoy just a little more peace and serenity in their lives with the outdoor oasis we help them establish.

Driving around the country in an RV with my family not knowing exactly when we’ll return home.
Hardscapes are my favorite to work on. I’ve owned a concrete company as well so the crossover is what does it for me I think.
Working on my own personal development by reading or attending events around the country to fuel my growth in business and in my personal life.
Danelle Image

Danelle Osborne

I’m an Air Force veteran who has lived in Colorado (Aurora, Denver, Colorado Springs) for basically my entire life, but Colorado Springs is home. My husband Joshua and I have raised our 3 kids here and continue to exercise our passions by being integral parts of the community as owners of Vanta Outdoors. I’m a big believer in energy – energy in the environment around you, energy in people, etc – so helping homeowners establish the outdoor energy they’re looking for is really important to me.

I find a lot of peace and serenity when I’m out working in my greenhouse. Being able to produce food on my own land makes me feel grounded.
Definitely has to be a water feature to me. It’s not even about the visual appeal for me, it’s more about the calmness it brings for me. That’s the stuff I appreciate most.
I enjoy working out and raising my children at home.

Sean Kochel

I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore. Graduated college out there before moving to Austin, TX for a few years for work where I managed the social media advertising accounts of tech companies in California. I made my way to Colorado Springs after relocating for work purposes again and now call it home. I run marketing campaigns for Vanta so I might have something to do with why you’re reading this right now!
When I do get free time you can either find me hiking with my girlfriend or practicing archery on my property.
Constructing a hardscape. Specifically one for an outdoor kitchen because I love cooking and grilling.
Experimenting making new types of pizza (I’d challenge anyone!) and making bread from scratch – overall just love to cook!
Sean K
Seth F

Seth Fenstermaker

I’ve called Pennsylvania home for my entire life, but Colorado Springs has become a second home to me (my wife and I split time between the two places). I enjoy the environment and the people a lot more in Colorado so I enjoy the time I get to spend here with my family (wife and daughter). My biggest role here at Vanta is running divisions within the marketing department. I may have had something to do with how you landed here!

You can find me standing in front of a smoker, probably working on a brisket, burgers or steaks.
Water features. I think it’s because I was obsessed with ponds and fish when I was a kid so these projects give me a chance to live out childhood obsessions.
Watching or playing sports and spending time with my wife, daughter and our family.

Brittney Fenstermaker

I was born in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, which is where I’ve spent my whole life. I graduated from Kutztown University in PA where I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. I’ve found my home working in landscaping because not only do I get to add joy to people’s lives, I also get to exercise my creative passion when designing landscapes for our clients! I love getting to travel with my husband, Seth, and our daughter.

Nothing beats being able to sit out on the patio with family on a warm summer night.
I’d have to say building a greenhouse for a client because I have a passion for growing my own food to cook with (which is another passion).
Reading fictional books and going to concerts in the summertime.
Brittney F
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