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Redesigning your outdoor living space, or initially designing for all you new builders out there, is an exciting way to elevate your entire property.

Whether you focus on your backyard, front yard, or all of the outdoor areas of your home, there are so many landscaping options that come together to fulfill your yard design dreams.

One way to bring new dimensions, textures, and aesthetic appeal to your yard is through retaining walls.

And the best part? Retaining walls aren’t just nice to look at, they have plenty more benefits which we’ll get into more detail about below!

What Are Retaining Walls?

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Retaining walls, first and foremost, are walls that support and hold back the soil in your yard. This means that much like fencing in Colorado Springs, retaining walls aren’t just for look, they bring a lot of utility with all their beauty!

But a landscape retaining wall can also be installed to control erosion, level steep terrain, and create beautiful terraced outdoor spaces that are guaranteed to make your neighbors envious.

With a variety of styles to offer, including retaining walls made from concrete blocks, poured concrete, treated timber, rocks, and boulders, Colorado Springs retaining walls can tie your yard together to give it a luxurious, high-end feel.

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Benefits Of A Retaining Wall Colorado Springs

You can have a retaining wall built into any part of your yard, and as we mentioned earlier, the benefits aren’t just visual appeal; however, that is one of the biggest as a retaining wall is undeniably gorgeous.

Retaining Walls Prevent Soil Erosion

A retaining wall’s main purpose is to prevent erosion, especially if your property sits on a slope.

Which can be a critical component to your property because soil erosion can slowly destroy your Colorado Springs landscaping.

In true erosion style, the wind and rain can inevitably alter the level of your land, but with the help of a retaining wall, all your soil will stay in place.

Therefore helping your landscaping keep its form and preventing shifts in its layout over time.

They’re Visually Appealing

A retaining wall comes in handy for keeping your soil in place, but it is also visually appealing, giving your yard a heightened look, even if erosion isn’t a problem!

Some homeowners install a retaining wall for the visual appeal alone, and as they help break up certain areas of your yard, they’re a great way to add dimension and character to a once-flat area.

High-Quality Retaining Walls Services

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Retaining Walls Colorado Springs Can Be Used As Planters

One way to transform a flat area with retaining walls is to build planters into it.

Typically installed down the edge or the fence line of your property, retaining wall planters give you the visually appealing look of a retaining wall while also providing a suitable growing space for flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

A Retaining Wall Can Be Transformed Into Built-In Seating And A Fire Pit

To make a retaining wall functional, you can even transform it into built-in seating, which, combined with a fire pit, makes the perfect outdoor area where you can entertain and enjoy the beauty of your own back yard.

You could even create a water feature to elevate your outdoor space even further!

Retaining Walls In Colorado Springs Manage Runoffs

During harsh storms, retaining walls can also help redirect which way the water travels, meaning you can prevent future damage to your property, especially during flood season.

Types Of Colorado Springs Retaining Walls

There are a few different types of Colorado Springs retaining walls, and it’s our job at Vanta Outdoors to help you decide on the perfect style for your outdoor space.

Below are a few popular landscape retaining wall choices: 

  • Sloam Stone: Sloam stone is a dry, stacked, brown and tan stone retaining wall with stones rectangular or square in shape.
  • Boulders: A boulder stone retaining wall is a combination of natural stones from the Colorado area that vary in size, shape, and color.
  • Brick: Bricks are a popular retaining wall material choice as they can be painted to suit all styles and preferences. 
  • Concrete: Concrete offers a modern, clean finish while also offering incredible durability making it one of the sturdiest retaining wall options out there.
  • Blocks: Blocks made from concrete or stone offer a thick base to build on and allow you to be creative with your design and configuration.

Retaining Wall Builder Colorado Springs

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As retaining wall contractors Colorado Springs with plenty of experience, we’d be happy to help you design and create your dream property landscape.

With a mixture of retaining walls and other landscaping options available, you can add beauty to your outdoor area, transforming it into a space that you’re actually excited to use.

If you’re interested in elevating your property with a Colorado Springs retaining wall click the phone number on this page to call us, as we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

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