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If you’re looking to upgrade the visual appeal of your landscaping in Colorado Springs, there are so many beautiful design elements that can completely transform your outdoor space.

One of those elements, in particular, is a water feature that acts as a focal point and gives your yard a luxe and elegant feel. 

With a few different water feature options to choose from, Vanta Outdoors can help you redesign your outdoor living space to suit your style and general feel of your property.

What Is A Water Feature In Colorado Springs?

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A water feature is a type of landscape design and architecture that incorporates water for an aesthetic or recreational function.

And some examples of water features include lakes, ponds, waterfalls, outdoor water fountains, artificial steams, and spas… really, anywhere where water is artificially supplied. 

The Benefits Of Colorado Springs Water Features

Installing a water feature outside your Colorado Springs home comes with a range of benefits that you may not have been aware of.

From soothing your soul and increasing your property value to reducing noise pollution and purifying the air around you, here are five major advantages to water feature installation.

They Reduce Noise Pollution

In Colorado Springs, and all over America for that matter, noise pollution is on the rise.

And a great way to combat it? Well, with landscape water, of course!

An outdoor water feature can replace the sound of passing cars, construction noises, and the chatter of your noisy neighbors, leaving you feeling far more relaxed and at peace in your own home.

They Invite Wildlife Onto Your Property

A landscape water garden will naturally attract wildlife like birds, rabbits, and squirrels into your yard.

So by installing some form of water feature, you’re creating a source of entertainment and providing the local animal species with a refuge to drink, bathe and hangout.

Outdoor Water Features Purify The Air

Did you know that flowing water acts as a natural air purifier?

By producing negative ions that attract allergens and dust, your water feature removes these irritants from the air you breathe.

Water features also help cool the air around you, which is great news for those who struggle during Colorado Springs’ summers.

Adds Curb Appeal

All types of landscaping, water features included, add curbside appeal to your home and raise your property value.

Professionally installed Colorado Springs water features can attract potential buyers by making your home stand out amongst the rest.

Flowing Water Has A Calming Effect

The sound of a babbling brook, a flowing waterfall, or even the splashes of fish in a pond can reduce stress and decrease your blood pressure and heart rate.

High-Quality Water Features Services

Ready To Transform Your Outdoor Space or Request Water Features Services?

As a source of white noise, water has incredible healing powers that allow your mind to relax and forget all about the stressful situations that have occurred throughout your day.

Our Water Feature Colorado Springs Installation Process

The water feature installation process will vary on the type, size, and style of water features you ultimately decide on.

However, below is a rough step-by-step guideline of our installation process:

  • Step 1: The very first step of installing water features is deciding what type of water feature will suit your property and your personal style. 
  • Step 2: Once we’ve helped you pinpoint the exact type of water features you want to install, we will then help find the perfect water feature location.
  • Step 3: Depending on the type of water feature you choose, we will dig a hole that is adequate for the water feature of choice.
  • Step 4: Once we’ve installed the reservoir/liner, we will then fit any pumps, filters, or necessary plumbing. 
  • Step 5: And finally, we will connect and turn on the fountain or waterfall, adding any outdoor lighting if requested, or we will complete any stream/pond landscaping, switching on the pumps and filters to provide you with your final product.

Some Different Types Of Colorado Springs Water Features

The good news is that there is a water feature design to suit all types of Colorado Springs homes.

Whether you have a large backyard and have always dreamt about a koi fish pond or a smaller outdoor space that would suit a water fountain perfectly, here are four popular water features to choose from:

  • Fountains: A water fountain is a self-contained water feature that, combined with lighting, brings a luxurious feel to your yard all throughout the day.
  • Ponds: Whether you stock your pond with fish or leave nature to do the work for you, a pond creates a sanctuary for wildlife and aquatic plants.
  • Waterfalls: Thanks to Colorado Springs’ natural topography, waterfall features are an excellent choice that run flowing water down your already slanted backyard.
  • Streams: A stream can run the entire length of your outdoor space making it one of the most beautiful water feature options out there.

Water Feature Repair & Maintenance Services Contractor Serving the Colorado Springs Area

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Whether you’re looking to install a new water feature, repair, or maintain a current feature in your yard, Vanta Outdoors is here to help.

Our dedicated team can bring your landscaping ideas to life and restore existing features to their former glory.

Just give us a call today so we can discuss a new or existing water feature on your property!

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