Can You Put Artificial Turf Around A Pool?

Your swimming pool is the crowning glory of your backyard, and it would be a shame if anything took away from its beauty. Especially your lawn.

Unfortunately, a natural lawn attracts a wide variety of unwanted guests, including debris, bugs, and algae.

There are natural alternatives to lawns, including rock gardens and walks built with flagstone or brick pavers, but they’re more work. Especially if you have a busy home with children or dogs.

A gorgeous and low-maintenance option is installing fake grass around your pool. Which of course Vanta Outdoors can help with. Be sure to check out our artificial turf installation Colorado Springs services!

But before we get into that, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of several popular pool surround materials.

Pool Surround Surface Options

Pool Surround Surface Options

Natural Grass

Nothing beats the classic sight of a pool surrounded by verdant grass during the summer. Despite its upkeep- such as weekly or biweekly mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, etc.

Point is, it requires a lot of work to look beautiful.

Insects like ants (they adore gnawing on roots), bugs (some can create houses out of blades of grass if you don’t capture them early on), and rodents (mainly moles) may all be attracted to grass if not maintained.

If it becomes wet, can be slippery and hazardous to walk on. Moisture may cause mold, mildew, algae, and other problems, and there is always the chance that chemicals (like pesticides) can leak into the pool water.


Flagstone or brick pavers are also often used to round off the look of a paved outdoor space. It’s more expensive than grass, but it looks nice and creates a more uniform surface.

The cost increases as surface thickness rises.


For less money, concrete may be used for paths that go directly into the pool rather than those that round it.

Concrete can be stamped to resemble brick or flagstone, but this kind of concrete is more work to keep looking good over time.


If you’re debating between a pool deck and artificial lawns, consider that staining, painting, and other routine upkeep are required to keep a pool deck looking great.

Wetness is inevitable near a pool; over time, wood will bend or decay if exposed to it often enough.

Advantages Of Artificial Grass Around The Pool Area

Advantages of Artificial Grass Around the Pool Area

Many homeowners have found a perfect balance between visual appeal and maintenance within the artificial grass industry. Here are several advantages to consider:

  • Safe – Slip-Resistant Ground Cover

The turf surrounding the pool is slip-resistant even when wet. Thanks to excellent artificial grass installation and the best artificial grass employed, youngsters can run and play without fear of sliding.

  • Low-Maintenance – No Mowing Or Trimming 

Maintaining an artificial grass pool area is hassle-free, no matter how demanding your schedule gets.

Leaves and debris can easily be swept up and rinsed away with a monthly hose, simplifying upkeep even further. This is also the case when you install artificial grass in other areas of your yard.

  • Eco-Friendly – Saves Water And Eliminates The Use Of Chemicals

Synthetic grass eliminates the need for fertilizing or watering, allowing you to forgo those tasks entirely. This erases the concern of chemical runoff into your swimming pool.

  • Prevent Muddy Pool Surrounds 

Another significant benefit: the absence of mud! Artificial grass features a unique surface that repels moisture, dirt, and debris.

This effectively prevents the formation of mud and maintains the clean appearance of your space. Goodbye mud and goodbye pesky grass clippings.

  • Versatile

In the realm of shapes and sizes, the range of options offered by synthetic turf for surrounding your pool is extensive. Especially if you’re looking at artificial grass compared to real grass.

You can opt for an assortment of fantastic colors or seamlessly integrate faux stone accents to elevate the visual aesthetic of your pool.

  • Kid & Pet-Friendly

Despite its seemingly rigid nature, artificial grass remains a safe surface for kids and dogs to land on in case of falls.

It also serves as an excellent choice for those requiring a cushioned area around their pool, particularly with considerations for wheelchair accessibility.

  • Durable – Long-Lasting Pool Area Ground Cover

The preference for synthetic grass, both in artificial turf around pool areas and artificial grass for pools, is prevalent among homeowners.

This popularity stems durability, especially when facing challenging weather conditions, including direct sunlight and the moisture-laden environment inherent to pool surroundings.

Thanks to it’s durability, it boasts an extended lifespan of up to eight years.

Final Thoughts On The Advantages Of Artificial Grass Around The Pool Area

Opting for artificial turf around the pool area or installing artificial grass is a valuable enhancement with numerous benefits.

It enhances the pool’s aesthetics and elevates functionality through features like non-slip surfaces and environmentally-friendly materials.

This makes it an outstanding choice for households with children and pets. Artificial turf is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, reducing overall upkeep costs.

Even the artificial grass preparation process is rather simple!

From improved safety to creating a cleaner environment around the pool, artificial turf offers an exceptional way to enhance the value of your property.

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