The 5 Best Car Snow Removal Tools For This Winter Season

Living in an area prone to freezing or subfreezing temperatures such as Colorado means you’re probably already aware of how useful car snow removal tools can be.

Clearing snow from the different areas of your car is often a struggle, especially if you can’t reach the roof.

The first possible solution is for you to give us a call so we can work together to figure out if our snow removal services are a viable option for you.

But if it isn’t, or you’d rather take of it yourself, utilizing tools that are tailor-made for these tasks will help you get the job done faster without damaging you car.

With all the options on the market it can be hard to tell what is a gimmick and what actually will help you save time. So, to simplify this task we’ve made a list of our top car snow removal tools below.

Things To Consider When Buying Car Snow Removal Tools

Things To Consider When Buying Car Snow Removal Tools

Before we start discussing our favorite car snow removal tools, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

First, when looking at the options below, consider the size of your car.

Larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks or recreational vehicles, may be too high or have too wide of a windshield for many scrapers.

A more extended tool may be needed to remove snow from taller vehicles effectively.

Any easy way to avoid buying tools that are too short is to measure the height and windshield of your vehicle. This way you can compare the measurements with the products you may be buying.

Secondly, take into consideration your storage situation. Most of these tools are designed to be compact and fit in trunks or under the seat.

However, if you chose something more significant in size, you may opt to keep it in the house or garage.

Best Overall: Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper

Astro AI27, is known for its versatility and is less than $20! This two-sided snow brush offers double the functionality for a great price.

The brush end effectively sweeps snow off your car’s windshield, while the scraper side is perfect for clearing away ice.

The brush also has a feature that allows you to separate the sides into two separate pieces by pressing a button. This allows you to tag team the snow clearing process if you have a helper!

The brush side boasts brush bristles that taper to an extra-soft tip, protecting your car’s paint job during use. Plus, the tool’s thick foam handle ensures a secure grip.


  • Dual functionality with a detachable scraper
  • Won’t damage your car
  • Has over 25k ratings on Amazon


  • It is not expandable, posing an issue for large vehicles

Best Budget: Mallory Snow Brush

Mallory Snow Brush

Price does not always indicate the quality of a tool. This low-cost alternative still does the job and it does it well!

The brush head of this tool is equipped with durable plush bristles, making it great for clearing snow.

The scraper blade is outfitted with tough ice chippers, making it suitable for removing ice.

It may not have any fancy features, but it will get the job done and is a perfect size for easy storage. That being said, the size is not ideal for larger vehicles.


  • Less than $10 on Amazon
  • 4.4 star rating


  • Not long enough for large trucks or RV windshields
  • Can scratch paint if you are not careful

Best Value: Snow Joe Snow Broom

Snow Joe stands out as a renowned brand in snow removal tools, and their combination broom and ice scraper is a particularly popular in their collection.

This tool boasts a telescopic handle and a sturdy foam head, making it a much more durable choice than its competitors.

While other brush heads can buckle under the weight of damp, heavy, wet snow, the dense foam head of the Snow Joe can withstand such elements.

Because of this, it is perfect for effortlessly sweeping snow off your vehicle’s roof, hood, and trunk.

Not only does it boast durability beyond the average car snow removal tool, but it also expandable making it a great choice for larger vehicles.


  • The foam does not absorb moisture
  • Extends from 30-49 inches
  • Is lightweight


  • Is best suited for heavy snow

Best Windshield Car Cover: EcoNour Car Windshield Cover

EcoNour Car Windshield Cover

It does not get much easier than peeling the EcoNour Windshield Cover off and watching all of the snow fall away.

Imagine a world where you aren’t running late for work and viciously scraping snow and ice off your windshield like it’s an Olympic sport. Sounds nice!

An added bonus is the EcoNour can be used beyond winter. Use the EcoNour in the fall to keep leaves from piling up or even pollen in the Spring.

It’s a reasonable cost but the multi-functionality certainly helps justify the purchase too.

The snow cover is made with a high-quality 600D Oxford and weatherproof cloth material.

Its inner layer is gentle enough to prevent scratches on your windshield, while its outer layer is rugged enough to withstand the elements.


  • Designed for all seasons
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Available in two sizes to fit most SUVs, Vans, and Trucks


  • You’ll have to watch the weather to know when to put it on
  • Priced higher than most scrapers

Best Car Snow Shovel: Collapsible Snow Utility Shovel

Collapsible Snow Utility Shovel

The Overmont Car Snow Shovel is the perfect utility shovel. It is collapsable making it easy to store but it is also durable enough to do its job.

The standard snow shovel may be too big to use around a car, not to mention you probably don’t have the space to keep a full sized shovel in your car.

The Overmont is the perfect size to dig your car out the snow and only weighs 1.3 lbs.

Additionally, the entire unit, encompassing the shaft, head, and handle, conveniently collapses to fit inside the provided 10-inch by 15-inch bag, making it an ideal shovel for travel.

Once assembled, its length is adjustable (ranging between 26 and 32 inches). Beyond its remarkable durability, it features a corrosion- and rust-resistant aluminum construction with a protective coating.


  • Compact design for easy storage
  • 4.5 star Amazon rating
  • Includes a free ice scraper


  • It is sometimes out of stock on Amazon


Why do I have to clean the snow off my car?

Why do I have to clean the snow off my car

When you’re in a rush in the morning it can be hard to justify thoroughly cleaning off your car. It’s easy to just clear your windshield and leave.

However, leaving snow or ice on your vehicle is a severe hazard to you and fellow drivers. Snow and ice falling from vehicles can trigger accidents or cause damage to other cars on the road.

Not clearing snow and ice from your car or truck will present safety hazards in the same way as if you avoided doing it at and around your home! Which is why there are an array of helpful tools on the market for cars, as there are snow removal tools for the home.

Snow accumulated on your vehicle can also generate a mini blizzard effect and create nearly whiteout conditions for drivers trailing behind you on the road..

Please dedicate the extra time to clean snow from your vehicle before hitting the road. This includes the roof, hood, windows, and lights.

Make sure to give yourself some extra time, the peace of mind is worth it!

What is the best way to remove snow off your car?

What is the best way to remove snow off your car

It is recommended to first start by turning on your the heat and defrosters in your car. This will help melt snow and ice while you work and leave you with a toasty interior when you’re finished.

Next, use a car snow brush to remove the snow starting from the roof of your car and working downwards.

Starting at the top should help save you some time as you shouldn’t have to go over the same areas multiple times.

Next use an ice scraper to eliminate any accumulated ice from the windows and windshield.

After addressing the mirrors, lights, and taillights, it’s recommended to defrost the windshield wipers.

Additionally using ice melt, snow scraper, and precautions for freezing rain and snow in advance will give you extra time to clean off your car that day.

Our Approach To Finding The Best Car Snow Removal Tools

Our Approach To Finding The Best Car Snow Removal Tools

Our mission is to make sure you find the right snow removal tool this winter! Everyone’s needs are different and there are a lot of options on the market.

To make sure we’re giving you the best suggestions possible, we start with research. We take into account price, quality, and functionality of each tool.

We also look into what the buyers are saying, because that is where the truth of the matter lies. After taking all of this into consideration, we were able to compile a list of our top suggestions for this winter.

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