The Best Snow Removal Tools For Home

There’s something to be said about the feeling you get when you wake up and see your yard sparkling with snow.

Whether thats joy from the wintery glow or dread that you have to shovel your driveway. It might be the latter, especially if you don’t have the right snow removal tools.In order to make snow removal the least of your problems this winter, let’s determine what tools are the best fit for you and your home.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Snow Removal Equipment

Factors To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Snow Removal Equipment

Start by considering the amount of snow you will need to clear. For a small out door area, anything beyond a good shovel may be overkill.

However, if you’re dealing with a large driveway or walkways, you’ll want to consider investing in a high quality snow blower.

Whether you choose a cordless snow blower, a wheeled snow pusher or a widely acclaimed Craftsman gas snow blower, you’ll be ready to swiftly and effortlessly clear all the snow.

Best Wheelbarrow Snow Plow: Aerocart Wheelbarrow

Aerocart Wheelbarrow

There’s no denying that a wheelbarrow is very handy to have. It has likely prevented you from throwing out your back a time or two when transporting something heavy.

But this wheelbarrow can do more than just that. Rather than buying a plow attachment for your truck, you can transform your Aerocart wheelbarrow into a snow plow.

This attachment allows you to get even more use out of this already handy tool!


  • All-weather, multi-purpose cart for hauling and lifting
  • Perfect for large amounts of snow or other debris
  • Does not require any electric or gas


  • Assembly and transforming instructions could be better
  • Some accessories must be ordered separately

Best Plow Attachment: ATV Snow Plow Blade

ATV Snow Plow Blade

If you buy a snow plow you might not save money, but you will save a lot of effort. Snow plows are perfect for those who don’t feel like pushing a shovel or snow blower around.

If you have a driveway or property large enough to make you consider a snow blower, you may want to give our Colorado Springs snow removal services a look! Snow removal costs may outweigh the initial investment of a snow plow believe it or not.

This Warn 50-inch plow blade in particular is designed for ATV attachment. This plow blade can extend up to 72 inches, enabling swift snow removal from your driveway.

The sturdy plow base, extra-large and built to last, ensures superior performance.


  • Easy to mount
  • Different sizes are available
  • Durable


  • Costs more than other snow removal tools

Best Back-Saving Shovel: Snow Joe Shovelution

Snow Joe Shovelution

If a snow blower or plow aren’t in your budget- or just aren’t necessary-The Snow Joe Shovelution may be a good fit for you this winter season.

Snow Joe greatly decreases strain to your body by reducing the labor, tension, and possible injuries associated with shoveling.

Due to the design, you will use upper body muscles for lifting and throwing while, simultaneously giving lifting leverage to the lower hand.

This decreases lower back strain and makes it one of the best snow shovels available.Furthermore, Snow Joe’s spring-loaded shovel handle absorbs the force during snow chucking.


  • Cost effective alternativeReduces strain to your backHas a 4.5 star average rating on Amazon

  • Best for smaller spaces

Best Ice Melt Distributor: Scotts Elite Push Spreader

Scotts Elite Push Spreader

This is another tool that is multi-functional year round, giving you some more bang for your buck.

Use this push spreader to plant grass seed during the spring or in the wintery months use it to distribute ice melt on your driveway and walkways.With an impressive 72-inch reach, a foot broader than standard spreaders, you’ll accomplish this task even faster.Enhanced by a lightweight plastic construction, this spreader is easy to maneuver. The drop lever locks securely to minimize hand fatigue, enabling hassle-free operation.Pros

  • Multi-purpose and multi-season useEasy to useComportable to operate


  • Will need cleaning, especially if using for different thingsHandle height is not adjustable

  • Best Roof Snow Removal Equipment: Avalanche Snow Roof Rake

Avalanche Snow Roof Rake

If you live in an area that gets snowfall often (and abundantly), the Avalanche Snow Removal System snow rake will be a worthy investment to prolong your roof’s lifespan.

Beyond its stylish appearance, the Avalanche roof snow removal tool effective and allows you to eliminate snow while remaining safely on the ground.

Weighing just 10 pounds and equipped with a 12-foot-long pole, it effortlessly clears snow from elevated spots.

This tool holds particular significance if you depend on solar power. And while you’re in the process of utilizing roof rakes, remember to address the removal of ice dams as well.


  • Effortlessly clears heavy, packed snow from roofs
  • Won’t damage solar panels


  • Will need a space to be stored
  • With very long poles, may become unwieldy

Best Battery-Powered Snow Thrower: GreenWorks Pro Push Snow Thrower

 GreenWorks Pro Push Snow Thrower

Tired of spending money on gas for your snow blower? This GreenWorks pro push snow thrower might be the perfect alternative for you.

The pro pusher can handle light snow up to 10 inches and fling it 20 feet.

It may be folded up for compact storage, and its battery life is rated at 45 minutes. You could easily complete a medium-sized driveway and a couple walks in that amount of time.

Even though they are less expensive, snow throwers are competitive with high-end snow blowers.


  • Does not require gas
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for extensive blizzard accumulations
  • Chute is prone to clogging
  • Harder to push it through heavy snow

Best Portable Shovel: Overmont Folding Shovel

Overmont Folding Shovel

Planning to be on the road a lot this winter? Your house might not be the only place you want to keep a shovel.

It’s not a bad idea to keep a foldable snow shovel in your car for situations where you might become stuck or need to dig yourself out after a significant snowfall.

The Overmont folding snow shovel is collapsable, making it an easy fit for your car trunk or backpack.

With a broad surface area of nearly one foot, it effectively moves snow. Its height is adjustable, ranging from 26 to 32 inches.

Despite its lightweight construction, weighing just 1.3 pounds, it boasts an anti-slip grip handle for secure use.

Additionally, this shovel includes a complimentary ice scraper, which proves helpful when clearing snow from your windshield.


  • The portable size makes it convenient to take anywhere
  • Free ice scraper included
  • Adjustable height
  • Made from premium materials, it ensures prolonged durability.


  • Not an ideal size for large spaces

Best Electric Snow Shovel: Earthwise Cordless Power Shovel

Earthwise Cordless Power Shovel

If you have too large of a space for a shovel, but too small of one for a snow thrower, consider a cordless electric snow shovel.

The Earthwise power shovel can hurl up to 300 pounds of snow and clear eight inches each minute.

Its a space-saving device for removing and pushing snow and ice off pathways and driveways. This device is ideal for occasional usage because of its extended battery life and intense snow discharge.


  • Cordless but battery powered
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Clears up to eight inches of snow


  • Not suitable for heavy snowfalls or blizzards
  • Susceptible to damage if you try to use it beyond it’s means

Best Ice Scraper: Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Scraper

Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Scraper

Perhaps you’re still sold on a traditional shovel. Well, it doesn’t get more traditional than the traditional ice scraper.

It is built with robust 11-gauge steel and its 58 inches long. This allows a good amount of leverage for individuals of different heights.The Bully Tool’s sidewalk scraper is a heavy duty tool that chips away the toughest snow and ice, while the rubber handle ensures a secure grip during usage.This tool is among the top choices for snow removal equipment, particularly for residents of frigid climates susceptible to ice storms.Pros

  • Scrape ice quicklyOversized steel handles aid in reaching elevated and challenging areas


  • More work than a snow blower

  • Our Selection Process For Best Snow Removal Equipment

Our Selection Process For Best Snow Removal Equipment

As seasoned shopping experts, our sole responsibility is to assist you in discovering exceptional products.

Our process commences with fundamental research and comprehensive reporting, including scrutinizing product composition, aesthetics, and pricing.

This meticulous approach ensures that our recommendations are exclusively focused on products that merit your investment in time and money.

Subsequently, we delve into assessing the features contributing to a product’s quality, drawing insights from industry insiders and experts in the respective field to determine its value proposition.

Lastly, we dedicate ourselves to examining user reviews, evaluating how consumers engage with the product, and whether it meets expectations.

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