The 6 Best Ways To Store Christmas Lights

Tis the season to be jolly, yet nothing is more infuriating than unknotting your Christmas lights every season.

Are you tired of tangled lights and contemplating buying new ones to avoid the task of untangling them?

Then read these 6 light storage ideas below so you won’t have to be in the same position the next holiday season!

Make A Cardboard Light Winder

Make A Cardboard Light Winder

Looking for a better way to store your Christmas lights but are tight on cash?

Get ahold of a sturdy cardboard box- it can serve as a perfect DIY light winder!

Depending on the length of your light strand cut out a rectangle from the cardboard roughly the size of an A4 paper or experiment with an hourglass shape (should resemble the capital letter “I”).

With a pair of scissors, make a small slit about an inch from the top left corner.

Take the starting end of the Christmas lights and gently insert it through the slit in the cardboard to secure it. Then, wind the light strand around the cardboard in a single layer.

When you reach the other end, tuck it beneath the wrapped lights.

Further protect your lights by placing it in a plastic or paper bag before storing them away.

Craft Your Own Wooden Christmas Light Holders For Storing Lights

Craft Your Own Wooden Christmas Light Holders For Storing Lights

If you’re crafty then this light storage hack may be perfect for you.

The light spool storage method resembles an hourglass shape. Similar to the cardboard winder, all you do is wrap the lights around your DIY spool.

Alternatively, you can attach two dowels onto a wooden plank to fashion a stand for the lights. As you wind the lights around the dowels, create an eight-pointed shape with the string lights.

If you intend to store your items within a bin, ensure the dowels are of adequate height and the container’s base is wide enough to accommodate the wooden plank.

Once the Christmas season ends, securely cover and stow them away. This guarantees that you store your lights safely for future use.

Get A Wind-Up Christmas Light Storage Option

If you’re like the idea of the cardboard wind up but want something that will reliably last over the years, this is the perfect option for you.

You wrap the lights around by grabbing the handle and looping them around it, using the built-in hooks.

Don’t forget wrap your wind-ups in newspaper, cloth, or a bag before placing them in a protective container for storage.

Purchase A Christmas Light Storage Reel

Purchase A Christmas Light Storage Reel

Consider purchasing a light or cord reel if you have enough storage space, such as a garage or a storage unit.

It is one of the best solutions for storing Christmas lights on the market, designed to be easy to use and keep your lights tangle free.

One of the primary advantages of using a cord winder is that you don’t have to separate individual light strands.

You can remove the lights from the tree, railing, or any other location in your home—and keep them attached as a single long string.

Place one end of the string into the notch and coil the lights together neatly.

The size needed is determined by the number of lights you wish to store. Light reels are available in various sizes and price ranges at hardware shops and home improvement stores.

Premium options often include a sturdy storage container for increased security.

Repurpose Clothes Hangers

Repurpose Clothes Hangers

Maybe you’re not feeling crafty enough to DIY a cardboard winder or wooden spool, but you still are looking for a low cost (or free) storage option.

Most likely you have an extra plastic hanger lying around your home—should that be the case, it can serve as a handy tool for storing your Christmas lights.

Opt for a hanger with wide notches, as it can be a starting point for wrapping one end of the lights.

Begin by wrapping the strand around the hanger in a single layer, then secure the end by tucking it into the second hanger hook.

You can place the hanger within a storage box along with your other Christmas decorations or hang it on a wall hook or rail to ensure the lights are stored safely until the next holiday season.

This technique is particularly effective for shorter light strings, as longer ones may overlap and be more prone to tangling.

Fashion A Paper Tube Winder

Fashion A Paper Tube Winder

This hack is perfect for smaller light storage, like mini LEDs.

You can craft a tube winder by using a sturdy paper towel roll or a wrapping paper roll. Make sure that the tube is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the lights without causing it to bend.

This approach works best for shorter light strands with smaller bulbs, as the tube might not work for larger lights like icicle lights.

Slit one end of the tube to fasten one end of the light string. Circularly wrap lights around the tube from one end to the other.

Tuck the loose end into the middle of the tube. You may fasten it by inserting it into a slit or using tape.

If you want to keep the lights in a bigger container, include additional cushioning materials for protection.

If you have extra seasonal ribbons, wrap them around the outside of the tube for further security.

Wrap each tube in bubble wrap or any leftover packaging paper before carefully putting them in a storage container.

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