How To Prepare For Artificial Grass Installation

How To Prepare For Artificial Grass Installation

You’re considering artificial grass for your space – a strategic choice. However, you might be contemplating whether tackling the installation could save you money. It might seem as simple as a weekend project, akin to laying down carpet. Let me pause you right there. The market offers extensive designs and varying quality levels for artificial […]

Can You Put Artificial Turf Around A Pool?

Can You Put Artificial Turf Around A Pool

Your swimming pool is the crowning glory of your backyard, and it would be a shame if anything took away from its beauty. Especially your lawn. Unfortunately, a natural lawn attracts a wide variety of unwanted guests, including debris, bugs, and algae. There are natural alternatives to lawns, including rock gardens and walks built with […]

What’s The Difference Between Turf And Artificial Grass?

What's The Difference Between Turf And Artificial Grass?

Though many individuals often use the terms “artificial turf” and “artificial grass” interchangeably, these terms refer to distinct varieties of synthetic grass. Specifically, “turf” denotes sports grass, typically of shorter length. On the other hand, “artificial grass” is the accurate designation for landscape grass, characterized by its longer and more lush appearance. During the initial […]

Landscaping Ideas For Sloped Yards In Colorado

Landscaping Ideas For Sloped Yards In Colorado

Transforming a sloped yard into a stunning oasis is achievable through strategic landscape designs. While sloped land may present challenges due to its terrain, using the proper methods can result in a stunning transformation. Crafting a landscape for such topography requires careful planning, especially when you’re talking about Colorado Springs landscaping. Below are tips and […]

The 6 Best Ways To Store Christmas Lights

How To Store Christmas Lights

Tis the season to be jolly, yet nothing is more infuriating than unknotting your Christmas lights every season. Are you tired of tangled lights and contemplating buying new ones to avoid the task of untangling them? Then read these 6 light storage ideas below so you won’t have to be in the same position the […]

9 Hanging Christmas Light Hacks For This Holiday Season

9 Hanging Christmas Light Hacks For This Holiday Season

Christmas is a time for peace and joy… and it’s also a perfect time to show off your magnificent Christmas lights and decorations. But untangling Christmas lights and scaling ladders won’t always make you feel merry.Hanging Christmas lights may be time-consuming and challenging if you are unprepared. The bright side is there are some ingenious […]

Different Types Of Outdoor Christmas Lights

Different Types Of Outdoor Christmas Lights

The Christmas Season is back, and perhaps you’re planning to have the best light display in your neighborhood. Up your decorating game this year by reading through this article to learn what types of lights will suit you best! Types of Christmas Lights It can be extremely overwhelming to walk into a store and look […]

How Much Does Residential Snow Removal Cost?

How Much Does Residential Snow Removal Cost

Snowy days bring up thoughts of snowmen, thrilling sled escapades, and warm fireside hot chocolate. However, the fact is that they often require snow shoveling and plowing, only to free up your driveway for errands or commuting. Homeowners are met with the decision of whether to do these tasks themselves or hire expert help. If you’re […]

The Best Snow Removal Tools For Home

The Best Snow Removal Tools For Home

There’s something to be said about the feeling you get when you wake up and see your yard sparkling with snow. Whether thats joy from the wintery glow or dread that you have to shovel your driveway. It might be the latter, especially if you don’t have the right snow removal tools.In order to make […]

The 5 Best Car Snow Removal Tools For This Winter Season

The 5 Best Car Snow Removal Tools For This Winter Season

Living in an area prone to freezing or subfreezing temperatures such as Colorado means you’re probably already aware of how useful car snow removal tools can be. Clearing snow from the different areas of your car is often a struggle, especially if you can’t reach the roof. The first possible solution is for you to […]

Is Turf Good For Dogs? 13 FAQs To Get You To Your Answer

Is Turf Good For Dogs

Any dog owner will tell you, dogs aren’t pets they’re part of the family. With that being said, you would never want to put your dog in potential danger. Not only is artificial turf often easier to care for than real grass, but it can also keep your pup safe. Many dog owners are making […]

9 Snow And Ice Removal Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

9 Snow & Ice Removal Hacks

When the temperatures drop in the winter, everyone begins to imagine the picturesque sight of their lawns being blanketed in snow. However, the beauty of snow and ice comes with a catch. Not only is your lawn covered in snow, but so is your car, your driveway, and your sidewalks. All of which are going […]

When Is The Best Time To Lay Sod In Colorado?

Best Time to Lay Sod In Colorado

The best time of year to lay sod depends on your region’s climate and environmental factors, such as sunlight and precipitation. In Colorado, residents find that fall and spring are the optimal times for sod installation. Let”s dive into each season to comprehend the reasoning behind these selections. Advantages Of Fall Sod Laying The fall […]

6 Tips For Easy & Effective Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Many homeowners prefer artificial grass for its ability to maintain a healthy and attractive appearance with minimal upkeep. Artificial grass is a great choice if you want to escape high water costs, allergens, harsh chemicals used in fertilizer and weed killer, or cutting the grass. All of the leg work that comes with natural grass […]

Artificial Grass Pros & Cons

Pros And Cons Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has emerged as a superior choice for effortless lawn maintenance, making it a sought-after option for a one-time investment solution. Its versatility spans various applications, serving as an excellent alternative in areas where natural grass faces challenges, demands intensive care, or struggles to grow. Synthetic turf has proven worth, whether it is sports […]